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    Whether you are a Pro-Athlete or a Weekend Warrior, we design foods + beverages to help you perform at your VERTEX!



    • VF category - premium protein 26 shakes

      SERIOUSLY, the most delicious protein shake ever created! Our special FLAVOR CHIPS make all the difference - Enjoy a PROTEIN SHAKE that tastes like an ICE CREAM SHAKE! But with all the goodness of METABOLISM BOOSTING Pure Whey Protein. OH THERE'S MORE...it's low in calories too. Fill UP with this DELICIOUS tasting shake as a snack or meal replacement.

    • VF category - natural protein oatmeal

      This is a Breakfast favorite that everyone will enjoy before going off to face the day's challenges. OAT PRO is designed to be the perfect delivery system of Low-Glycemic Slow Burn Carbohydrates mixed with Metabolism Boosting Protein for a breakfast that can't be beat!

    • VF category - perfect protein breakfast cookie

      No really...they're PERFECT! As in the PERFECT way to START your DAY :) Or PERFECT for a SNACK mid-afternoon... We could go on + on about them, but you get it, they're just PERFECT.

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