• Foods + Beverages

    for ACTIVE people.

  • FUEL to perform at your VERTEX

    Whether you are a Pro-Athlete or a Weekend Warrior, we design foods + beverages to help you perform at your VERTEX!


    • Our goal was to develop ultra-convenient premium protein foods that could fit seamlessly into the lifestyle of a busy professional at the top of their game. We focused on creating SUPER CONVENIENT FOODS for the person whose main obstacle to eating healthy and feeling great is that they just can’t seem to find the time! Our products are made for the BUSY person who is trying to BALANCE the demands of their profession with achieving optimal health, fitness + energy. In all of our products, we use only the highest quality protein and ingredients. To feel good, perform well, and look great, it’s necessary to give your body high quality fuel.

    • NO Green Goo…Just GOOD! JUICING + CLEANSING are longtime passions that we share and have incorporated into our lifestyles. The internal health, anti-aging and weight loss benefits are phenomenal and have been used by celebrities and health gurus for ages. Lose up to 15 lbs in 3 days, Cleanse, Detoxify, + feel AH-Mazing from the inside OUT! Delicious, Fresh, + Effective, this is the BEST TASTING Food + Juice Cleanse on the planet!

    • For over 10 years Speedloss has been helping people achieve all of their cleansing & weight loss goals. Originally created by a team of Celebrity Personal Trainers from the Midwest with the help of researchers, Speedloss & Sedona Juice were developed as the solution for their Busy Professional & Celebrity Clientele & their frustrations with weight loss plateaus, bad tasting shakes, detox juices & foods. Speedloss & Sedona Juice became an instant success with clients. Speedloss was developed as a low cost alternative to expensive rejuvenation spas after a trip to Sedona, AZ by the founder. The cleansing detox juice is a special formulation of 100% all natural juices, vitamins & minerals blended to provide the dieters and detoxers the help they need to rejuvenate their body while they shed unwanted pounds.

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